About HawkinzWeb Hosting!

HawkinzWeb Hosting is the latest addition to the HawkinzWeb family of sites

It enhances the range of information and service that is offered to Internet Users, from HawkinzWeb which aims to provide a background to making the internet less scary for the newer user; to HawkinzWebDesigns which provides a full web design and promotion service including sites, banners, splash pages, seo and traffic generation; and now you can get hosting at a reasonable price without compromising on service.

How HawkinzWeb Hosting came to be

Like most newcomers to websites and web design I started off by using my ISP's own webspace, but I soon expanded beyond their permitted boundaries. I then tried a few free web-hosting companies, but soon ended up biting the bullet and paying for my own domain name and web-hosting.

My first web-host offered a free basic hosting package, and more features for upgraded members. However the owner only 'worked' weekends, so support requests were only processed once a week. Eventually the owner stopped responding totally to requests, and one day the site disappeared, taking my hosted sites with it.

My next webhost offered a range of packages, from a cheap $2.50 a month to $7.95 a month. I originally started with the basic package, and soon moved to the top level package. However, they never managed the upgrade correctly and after failing to answer my support requests for several weeks after they assigned the wrong domain name to my hosting account, resulting in my webdesign site going effectively 'offline', I decided the solution was to host my sites myself!

Why so cheap?

Because the hosting was intended to host my sites, I am effectively selling excess space and bandwidth. This means instead of trying to make a quick profit at other peoples expense, I am committed to providing the same service that I would expect from any of my former webhosts -

Put simply - Good service at a fair price!